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Probate Law


Estate planning and probate services are very personal and sometimes sensitive processes. Probate is the court process that approves or validates a deceased person’s will. Our expert probate lawyers are here to guide you and your loved ones throughout the process.

We will work with you to find practical solutions to ensure your assets are preserved and that everything is distributed according to your wishes.

In addition to developing estate plans, we advise clients on lifetime transfers of property, transfers at death, tax implications and generation-skipping transfers, and more.

The goal of our estate practice is to ensure that you understand the various tools commonly used in estate planning to choose the right tools to meet your needs.

Probate and Estate Planning Services

  • Lifetime Transfers of Property
  • Transfers at Death
  • Tax Implications
  • Probate Filing
  • Estate Administration
  • Living Wills
  • General Powers of Attorney
  • Health Care Powers of Attorney

Probate Attorneys

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